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Technical Team
Qiu Hong
Technology Director
Senior industrial cooling tower application technology expert
(Formerly American Marley Industrial Cooling Tower General Manager of China Joint Venture)
Hu Changmin
Chief Engineer
(Former chief engineer of Sino-German joint venture Shanghai GEA Cooling Tower Co., Ltd.)
Cao liying
Deputy General Manager Senior Engineer
Registered first-class construction engineer
Registered Cost Engineer
Huang Dongsheng
Senior Engineer
Design Director (Steel Structure)
Engaged in cooling tower design for 20 years
Wang Xiaomei
Senior Engineer
Design Director (Craftsmanship)

Engaged in cooling tower design for 15 years
Cui Zhimeng
Senior Engineer
Vice Minister of Design Department
Engaged in cooling tower structure design for 15 years
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Address: High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province
Contact: Manager Wang
Company email:zlkj@zlkj-cooling.com
Sales Department Email:xsb@zlkj-cooling.com