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Analysis of the causes of freezing in cooling towers

Issuing time:2019-07-24 15:42

1、Causes of icing on the tower wall and around the tower:

The main reason for the icing of the tower wall is due to the leakage of the tower wall.Icing around the tower is due to:In cold areas, when the fan does not run in winter and can meet the thermal requirements. The water flows down the tower wall, and when it flows to the bottom of the upper eaves beam of the air inlet, under the action of surface tension, the water droplets will move horizontally and fall on the outside of the air inlet of the water tower, causing ice on both sides;The effect of the water collector is not good, causing a large number of water droplets to float from the top of the fan, causing the surrounding to freeze.The upper top surface of the beam is flush with the designed water surface in the sump, so when water falls on the beam, water droplets splash around and cause ice to form.

2、The reasons for the icing of the air inlet beam:

The main reason is that during the falling process of cooling water, part of the water flows down the tower wall.When it flows to the upper beam of the air inlet, under the action of surface tension, the water falls from the edge, where it exchanges heat with the cold air, thereby forming ice.As the downstream water continued to increase, all the icicles connected and dragged downward to form a huge ice curtain that sealed the air inlet.

3、Causes of icing in the filling area:

Uneven water distribution or too low water density are the main reasons for freezing at the bottom of the packing.

4、Pipe icing

Improper design of the water distribution system causes water to accumulate in the pipeline when the tower is shut down in winter, causing the pipeline to freeze and crack;

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