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The principle of Zhongleng cooling tower fog elimination and water saving

Issuing time:2019-07-24 16:09

The principle of eliminating fog and saving water.

As shown in the figure, the curve in the figure is the saturated air enthalpy-humidity diagram.

For conventional cooling towers (wet towers), the B-A line is the change line of the mixture of the saturated hot and humid air B out of the packing and the ambient dry and cold air A, which is above the psychrometric diagram, so a large amount of plume fog is generated.   Anti-fog and water-saving cooling towers install dry-cooling heat exchange modules in the packing layer of the cooling tower.Using the pumping force of the fan, the cold air A (cold source) of the environment is introduced into the tower, and the heat is exchanged with the hot water (heat source) of the upper tower.The hot air A' after heat exchange is mixed with the saturated hot and humid air B out of the filler, and after mixing, it becomes the air C at the outlet of the air duct (relative to point B, the dew point and the moisture content both decrease, and it is unsaturated air), at this time, the change line of air C mixed with ambient cold air A (plume mist dilution curve) C-A is below the saturated air enthalpy-humidity diagram, that is, no plume mist is generated, which is the principle of fog elimination.


Figure 1 Schematic diagram of fog elimination

A:Ambient Air State Point.

A':After heat exchange, the ambient air state point.

B:The state point of saturated moist hot air out of the filling.

C:A', B state point after air mixing.

B-A:Conventional tower air duct outlet air mixing change line.

C-A':The air mixing change line at the outlet of the air duct of the anti-fog tower.

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